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Layman's Guide to Computer Threats:
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Browse Safely
Sandboxie-Sandbox app for Windows x64 & x86.

FlipFlops' Computer
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Chicagoland Area DNS Servers
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Pro-Audio Links
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Search Engines search engine that supports global tree planting. Powered by Microsoft Bing®, untracked searches. Powered by Yahoo!®."Start Page"-Fast, untracked searches. Powered by Google® (the search engine that tracks you). engine based in Russia and 8 other European countries.
Sequere Search-Good place to search for the articles on the physics of sound amongst other publications.

Waterfox-Fastest 64-bit browser.
Firefox-For all other platforms.
Firefox Nightly

Media Player
VLC Player v3.0.7
VLC Player nightly builds v3.0.0rc & 4.0.0
DAUM Potplayer Upsample audio and video on the fly. Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10-64/32-bit.

Audio Manipulation
Ocenaudio 64/32-bit versions available
Audacity 32-bit only
Audacity Nightly Builds [win32]

Audio/Video Encoders
Handbrake v1.1.1 stable 64-bit only-Intuitive GUI with various standard codecs
    Handbrake Nightly Builds 64-bit only-Various standard codecs
Internet Friendly Media Converter v6.1.0.0-h.265 GUI for x265, mkvmerge, FAAC (depricated).
x265.exe HEVC encoder nightly and stable builds, optional AVX and AVX2 extensions and PGO optimization
ffmpeg.exe Zeranoe nightly and stable builds
MkvToolNix (mkvmerge.exe) v26.0.0 'In the Game' stable build
MkvToolNix 64 bit & 32 bit nightly builds
FFMS/ffms2 v2.23.1
GPAC/mp4box nightly builds
x265 release notes for nightly and stable builds
FFMPEG command line reference
h.265 HEVC command line reference
FLAC command line reference
h.264 AAC command line reference
FAAC + other formats command line reference

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